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We stock a comprehensive range of frames at all prices from budget designs to fashion eyewear such as Emporio Armani, Max Mara, Police.

The advent of the minimalist look has resulted in a rise in the popularity of rimless and semi rimless designs, which render the frame almost invisible. This look is extremely popular and has the added advantage of being exceptionally light. We carry many rimless ranges, including Rodenstock and Hugo Boss.

Modern frame design places the emphasis on comfort and style. Companies such as Rodenstock and Charmant, for instance, use lightweight alloys for maximum comfort, with titanium being an increasingly popular choice.


This is a premium frame material. Titanium is a metal which is extremely light, flexible and strong with the added benefit of being allergy-free and non-corrosive.

Memory titanium

'Flexon' is the most common trade name for this frame material, which is a mix of titanium and nickel. This metal is extremely flexible and offers excellent durability. It is most commonly used in parts of the frames such as the bridge and the sides, where such qualities are needed most. (These are the frames you may see advertised twisted around a finger without breaking!)

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is made from a very strong metal alloy. These frames can be made very thin and still maintain their strength and flexibility. Like Titanium, it contains no nickel, therefore it is virtually hypo-allergenic and resistant to corrosion.

Spring hinges

Spring hinges are available on many modern frames, helping to make them more durable. The spring mechanisms, located in the side hinges, help the frame maintain adjustment through normal use and give some added durability if they should get heavy wear.


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